2018 The 23rd Taiwan Joint Cancer Conference


Dr Giordano, Lai and Kakudo

Meuseum visit

Professor Giordano (University of Michigan) and I were invited to have 2 lectures each in the 23rd Taiwan Joint Cancer Conference, being held in Taipei on 6th of May, 2018. We enjoied beautiful seanry of Taiwan and deep histry of China (Figure). The conference PPT files are available at http://www.twiap.org.tw/teach/content.asp?ID=1231&FDType=36. Lecture notes for my two lectures were published in the J Basic Clin Med (http://sspublications.org/index.php/JBCM) .

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Chinese version of our text book on thyroid FNA cytology was published.


Publication ceremony

Chinese version

Dr Liu and Kakudo

Chinese version was published.

Dr Liu worked hard, to which many Chinese authors joint, to translate the first edition of Thyroid FNA Cytology, differential diagnoses and Pitfalls into Chinese edition (http://cms.sciencepress.cn/2017300097/index.jhtml). The Chinese version was published on 5th of May, 2018 and ceremony (https://www.91360.com/201805/9/67929.html) was held in the 2018 International Symposium on Thyroid Pathology, being held in ChangZhou, China (Figure 1). We are very happy about it (Figure 2).

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