NIFTP in Thyroid Cytology


Print edition

Thyroid FNA Cytology

Print edition of Thyroid FNA Cytology: Differential Diagnoses and Pitfalls was published from BookWay. The previous eBook edition (distributed by Smashwords) was the first English textbook of thyroid FNA cytology published from Asia. The editors proudly announce that it was the first and only textbook of thyroid FNA cytology that incorporated borderline tumor categories in thyroid tumor classification. In this print edition, we provide you with all of the original illustrations in high quality and have incorporated some more illustrations which were deleted from the eBook edition. With those beautiful illustrations and high quality evidences, this book is designed to provide you helpful consultations in the differential diagnoses of difficult cases. We believe it helps you how to avoid pitfalls of cytology practice, regardless of the reporting system used. The print edition is  distributed by BookWay GLOBAL at $77  (https://bookway-global.com/)

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