NIFTP Special Issue in JBCM.


I have published a special issue on NIFTP (non-invasive encapsulated follicular neoplasm with papillary-like nuclear features) in the Journal of Basic and Clinical Medicine (http://www.sspublications.org/index.php/JBCM/index). This is a very first special issue focussing on NIFTP in any scientific journals, and which covered both histological and cytological aspects. It is also characterized by international authors from 8 countries, Eastern and Western practice. This approach elucidated significal differences between the two practice. Please enjoy find those differences and underlining different way of thinking and logics.

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Working Group of Asian Thyroid FNA Cytology



18th AOTA

On March 16th. a symposium conducted by Working Group of Asian Thyroid FNA Cytology was held in Busan, Korea conjointed with the 18th International Congress of Asia Oceania Thyroid Association.  Please refere to a wechat by Dr Liu at  http://mp.weixin.qq.com/s/u5HCPPZMXGoV2wdlJ7OTlg There were 11 presentations by 10 cytopathologists from 6 (Korea, Taiwan, China, Thailand, Turkey and Japan) countries, which elucidate differences between Asian and Western practice and unsolved issues in the newly introduced tumor entity, NIFTP. Particularlly on observer valiation among reviewers on papillary thyroid carcinoma type nuclear features was reported by Dr Liu and low rates of NIFTP in Asian practice was reported by Andrey Bychkov.

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